It's like Uber for snow plows & it's coming to #kw. Hear all about @touch_plow at 710 on @CBCKW891.

— Craig Norris ( @craignorriscbc )

Gayle: Driveway snow plow service, at the touch of your smartphone, coming to the region @touch_plow

— 107.5 DAVE ROCKS ( @1075daverocks )

Reid and Rebecca: Touch Plow is an uber style app that'll plow your driveway on a storm by storm basis and it is now in #ygk @touch_plow

— 98.9 THE DRIVE ( @989THEDRIVE )

@touch_plow is the Uber Sytle app that Mike and Lisa talked about for snow removal.

— Mike and Lisa ( @mikelisa800 )

TouchPlow app developer digs into ‘perfect storm for a business’ - @touch_plow #NB

— Karissa Donkin

$41 for @touch_plow to clean my single lane in 4-12 hrs. Walkway & city sidewalk not included. Seems reasonable. Anyone tried it? @JLeiper

— @chnaottawa

LARRY FEDORUK Heard of the Snow Plow App? @touch_plow the uber of snow plowing #CKTBLIVE

— @610CKTB

1st time using @touch_plow and I highly recommend using this Uber-style app to clear your driveways!! excellent cust. serv. too!! #ottawa

— @waltmcgee