Q:What does your service include?

A:Our service includes the clearing of snow from your driveway. It also includes clearing of snowbanks left by city graders or plows. This is done by subcontracted local commercial plows and blowers that float on the surface of your driveway. This equipment will not remove hard packed snow or ice and your property must be free of obstructions.

Q:What if I clear my laneway before the plow arrives?

A:You may cancel your plow request within 1 hr of a 0-4 hr order, or within 4 hrs of 4-24 hr order, provided that our plow provider has not begun clearing your driveway. You can do this by cancelling the job in your app.

Q:What does it cost to clear my driveway?

A:Prices vary depending on the size of your driveway, the amount of snow, and how quickly you want it cleared. You will be quoted a price before each job which you are free to accept or reject.

Q:How quickly will my driveway get plowed?

A:TouchPlow lets you choose the combination of speed and price that best fits your needs and budget.

You may choose as follows:
a) within 4 hours
b) between 4 - 12 hours
c) between 12 - 24 hours (Great if you are on holidays and no rush to clear)

Note: Timing can vary with weather conditions.
Prices are reflected in how quickly you desire to be cleared. On average, most driveways are plowed within 3-4 hours on the day requested. In circumstances of inclement weather, your driveway may not get to until the following day. Book your requested clearing time close to when you anticipate the snow will stop falling in your area so that the timing is best for you and you get the best delivery results.

Q:What if my car is still in the driveway?

A:It is up to the individual plow provider to determine how to handle driveway obstructions. A plow provider may decide that they cannot plow your driveway if the obstruction does not leave enough room to safely maneuver around it. If this is the case, you will not be charged. If it is safe to maneuver around the obstruction, the provider will do their best to clear the driveway. Always try to move your vehicle far up and far to one side to get the best clearing possible. Unfortunately, the full charge applies even if your driveway can only be partially cleared.

The Service Provider has the option to return or not to clear snow around where your cars were but this is normally the Users responsibility. It is always suggested you clear off your car and around your car 'before' the Service Provider arrives to do your driveway so he can remove this snow at the same time as performing the initial clearing.

Q:What if the plow driver damages my driveway?

A:If you suspect that a plow provider has damaged your property, please contact us. We'll put you in touch with the provider so that they may investigate further. We insist that all service providers show proof of adequate insurance when registering with TouchPlow.

Q:What about my walkway? Will that be cleared?

A:Service providers have the option of bidding on clearing your walkway if you have selected this option. Not all service providers do walkways so this may limit the number of providers willing to take on your job. If no provider accepts your job with walkway clearing you may wish to request again without it.

Q:Will the service remove ice and hard packed snow?

A:Our plow providers do not remove ice or packed snow as this could result in property damage.

Q:What if there is a dispute or issues between the customer and the service provider?

A:Disputes can be caused by several things: A driveway not being sized properly, more snow than quoted in driveway, walkway or sidewalk service added upon arrival, or if the provider is unable to complete the request for any reason.

Q:What is in store for this year?

A:Touchplow is a new yet fast growing company. Like Uber growth is going to take time and we ask that you be patient, get the word out and grow with us for years to come.

Constant improvements will be made to stay on top.